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Pocky Package Redesign

The Client: Pocky

Originating from Japan, Pocky is a brand beloved by many in the East Asian culture and its packaging has become a familiarity with many of its customers. Yet, when sitting on the shelf of a convenience store here in Canada, the packaging seems last luster and quite similar to many of its competitors next to it, reducing the appeal of the cultural snack to a wider audience. As a supporter of Pocky and its charm, my objective is to revamp its packaging to better reflect the brand's delightful and whimsical essence while modernizing its image.

What I use: Illustrator, InDesign, Dimension, Photoshop

With the slogan "Share the happiness", Pocky has become a cultural phenomenon in Japan, even inspiring its own dedicated holiday known as "Pocky Day". In designing the brand, I aimed to convey its sweetness and unique identity while paying homage to its Japanese origins. My research led me to adopt a simple graphical illustration style that not only differentiates the various Pocky flavors but also sets the brand apart from its competitors. And to help not alienate the brand from its existing audience, I incorporate the iconic Pocky stick into the new design. Though the creation of Pocky's logo was more of an accident, after many positive comments, I decided to include it in the final design.

Promotional Booklet

As a passionate fan of Pocky, I expanded the project beyond just the packaging design, creating a promotional booklet to further showcase the snack's irresistible charm.

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