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OS Class Revamped

The Client: OS Art Class Studio

My main challenge was to find a design solution that could still capture the existing style and idealogy of an establishment of 10 years while modernizing it for the current time. To better understand the passion and value of the brand, I engaged in a three-hour meeting with the president to discuss the brand's history, ideology, and value. We walk through the many past projects to modernize the brand and plan out what needed to be updated. The plan included: A revamped brand guide, slogan, brochure, envelope, and 2 iterations of their ongoing TikTok series.

What I use: Illustrator, After Effect

Revamped brand guide

I tackled the brand guide first and foremost to establish a guideline for my later project. Their past brand guide was still very good but it lacked a typography set and the color palette could be considered unappealing to their targeted audience. I opted for a more common typeset that was compatible with the Vietnamese keyboard, offered a good range of weights, and could be easily accessed for download in the event of a computer change.

Although I was fond of the original slogan design, the president insisted on a new design, So based on the past design, I made changes to the marking of the words to enhance brand originality.

Envelop &

The brochure design has remained unchanged since the brand's inception, making it overdue for a revamp. One of the key requirements for the new brochure was that it should be a trifold design that could fit into a standard envelope. To reinforce the brand identity, we also decided to create a branded envelope. This would help to establish a consistent look and feel across all the brand's promotional materials and enhance the overall impact of the brochure.

Tik Tok
Intro Video

During the meeting, I discovered that they had two ongoing series on TikTok, prompting me to create an introduction for them to distinguish and ensure consistency in their online content. I had a lot of creative freedom in this project as they had not create an intro before.

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