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A charity scam case study

The problem I am tackling is charity scams. Charity scams can happen anywhere, taking advantage of people’s kindness, and damaging them financially and emotionally. Charity scams also damage honest charity, giving less to actual causes. The project is aimed at all ages, as charity scams can happen to anyone. But I put emphasis on the older demographic who might be unaware of the existence of charity checking services.

What I use: Illustrator, After Effect

“Charity Check” Project - a non-profit organization that checks for charity legitimacy and gives engagement to honest charity. I choose blue and green for the logo as they are gentle and calm colour. As this was meant for all ages, I choose a familiar font for most people which is also easy to read for older donors. The logo of the organization spelled “CCK” which is Charity ChecK. 


The charity legitimacy will be graded through a set of “Legitimacy Guidelines”, and then ranked by a set of badges. The badges are set apart by the color and direction of the arrow. When the arrow is pointed upward, it is spelled as “human” in Chinese to highlight the humanity in charity. I choose to include the tear-drop shape as a safety measure so that a scammer cannot rotate the badge to swindle people as these badges can be used for charity advertisement. 

For charities that achieve the “Trustworthy” badge, Charity Check will generate a QR code that the charities can use as advertisement. The QR code will lead donors to the Charity Check’s website where they can check on the evaluation of the charity. I designed a accompanying poster to demonstrate how the QR code can work as advertisement. 

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