Its embarrassing to say I’ve been in Manila for 3 and half years and have never been to Corregidor. So we decided we would check it out and learn some history about Philippines and the significance of Corregidor – which I didn’t know too much about.

Getting To Corregidor

Now I seriously have no idea where and how to get to Corregidor. I had heard there was a 45ish minutes boat ride over to the island from Manila Bay and thats pretty much how much I knew about it. Time to get searching! Luckily my friend found an online booking website.

Sun Cruises Now I have to admit seeing there was an online website I was relieved but then worried on how legit it would be and if it was a real site. I took my chances and started the booking process. Wow – it was easy – you literally book in the whole process – ferry, entrance fees, tours everything in one go. And it takes credit cards!

 Corregidor Tours 

There were a few different packages you could pick – from a day tour (which is what we chose) or staying overnight. The Day Tour seemed quite action packed and also included buffet lunch. We were booked and ready to go.

Check-In at Sun Cruises

The day arrived for us to go – and we had to be there at 7am. And one thing I liked about Sun Cruises website – there was a map to show us how to get to the port. This was very useful for us!

And the check in process was so smooth. Went up the the counter, said our group name, and we were all given stickers with our group name and our bus number and advised the stickers will be viewed when going to the buffet lunch. And that was it – we went towards the ferry.

Sun Cruises Ferry

I was actually imagining a small ferry but boy was I wrong when we left the check in counter. It was a cruise ship!

And a lot of people were already onboard. Although I’m not sure why – I was a little surprised it was packed with foreigners. Americans, koreans and us – the Australians! And not many Philippinos. The ferry easily would have accommodated around couple hundred people although I am not quite aware exact numbers.

We sat at the bottom deck and the number on our sticker is our assigned seats. I was quite astonished at how organised the operation was – with crew demonstrating the safety procedures and everything. That was really good. But after the ferry left the dock, we decided to go upstairs and go outside to see the view and enjoy the water views. Its so good to be surrounded by water – I know that Philippines are mini islands but we just dont see it enough.

And another thing that was great about the ferry was that it had a little shop – where you can buy drinks. Now although the inside and downstairs section was airconditioned – stepping out to the back of the ferry and sitting out there was a little warm. Ive never drank my coke so quickly!!!

It takes around an hour and fifteen minutes to arrive to Corregidor and the ride is rather smooth – only a couple of times it was a little choppy but otherwise you wouldn’t have even noticed you were on a ferry.

As you approach Corregidor – theres a few islands and docking is smooth. As we walk off we are then escorted to our assigned buses. The one hour and fifteen minutes really doesnt feel that long at all.
Heading Back to Manila
At exactly 2:30pm we boarded the ferry again – although it was hard to believe we were just on it 5 hours earlier. Please read the my Corregidor blog for more detailed information on my day tour.
And I thought I would fall asleep on the way back from Corregidor but I went up the top again and sat in the back seat and admired the water. (Half of the team stayed in the seats downstairs and slept the whole hour and fifteen minutes!)
It was a lot hotter than when we left earlier in the morning but it was amazing to see the different view and shades as we approached Manila Bay. Especially as the sun sets a lot earlier this time of the year – seeing it was only 4:30pm in the afternoon.
It felt quicker and I was happy to have a great view of Manila Bay as we came back to civilisation :)
It was interesting as as we approached Manila – you could see the contrast in skies – and could see smog – it was interesting!! I think when you live in Manila you don’t realise how much smog is covering the city!
We arrived just before 5pm and I was ready for a shower! The day was great but warm day and I was covered in sweat and probably didn’t smell the best either :)
So if you ever want to check out Corregidor I highly recommend you to look up Sun Cruises – it has a very well operating system and you wont be disappointed. It really has pre-planned tours – so you don’t have to worry about food or drinks or activities. It is all created for you.
I really like the way it all went smoothly. :) Try it out!

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